CES Letter Mormon, Explained



Introduction to CES Letter Mormon

There are some basic principles that each reader needs to understand before delving into this response to the CES Letter: first, the rhetorical strategy used by the author of the CES Letter is to inundate the reader with so much information, without regard to the accuracy or evidence, so that the reader becomes overwhelmed. This rhetorical strategy is effective. Second, it is easier to make an accusation than it is to refute it. Third, evidence is open to interpretation, there is never just one interpretation or conclusion to a topic. This is why historians still argue about events long discussed and even longer past–because the same evidence can be interpreted in many different ways and smart people do not always agree on the interpretation of evidence. Finally, there is an assumption by believing Mormons that evidence is important and one piece of crucial evidence in a discussion of any religious topic is the evidence that comes from spiritual experiences and faith in God.